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The Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration, an important step!  
The Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration enables you to obtain directly online a free summary evaluation of your chances of being selected by Québec. Note that this It does not , however, lead to a formal decision under An Act Respecting Immigration to Québec, but rather provides you with a positive or negative opinion from the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion(MIDI) regarding your candidacy.


The Ministère may make changes to points granted on the selection grid in order to select applicants who best match Québec's needs and immigration directions.

Rules governing the intake and processing of selection certificate applications apply to applicants for economic immigration. To learn whether these rules apply to you, consult the Immigration Rules and Procedures web page.

Who may complete this evaluation?  
This free Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration designed in such a way as to ensure that anyone wishing to immigrate to Québec can complete it without assistance, it is therefore not necessary to use the services of an immigration intermediary
Anyone wishing to immigrate to Québec to work as a paid employee or self-employed worker;
his or her spouse or de facto spouse, if applicable, who is 16 years of age or over, and is accompanying the applicant.

The person who completes an immigration application must undertake to support his needs and those of his family upon his arrival in Québec and during the first months of settling in Québec.

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individuals who plan to come to Québec through a job-creating business project (Entrepreneur Program), or by making a sizeable investment (Investor Program).
Important information  
The Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration does not ask for any personal information that could identify you. You complete the request anonymously.

This evaluation takes into account the selection program under which your application will be examined and covers the following seven criteria: your profile, your education, your work experience, your knowledge of French and English, your ties with Québec and stays that you have made here, a job offer received from a Québec employer, and information on your spouse or de facto spouse who is accompanying you..
How is the evaluation completed?  
The Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration must be filled out in a single sitting.
Therefore, before you start, make sure you have on hand all of the information you will need to answer the questions, as well as all information pertaining to your spouse, if applicable.
You must accurately answer all of the questions and not overstate your skills, work experience and language abilities (which will be evaluated during the official selection process). The evaluation provides tools to help you assess your levels.
To evaluate your potential directly online, simply carry out the following steps.

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Steps to follow

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Common values of Québec

Québec welcomes immigrants with their know-how, skills, language, culture and religion. Québec provides services to help them integrate and participate fully in Québec society. Integrating in Québec society means being prepared to learn about and to respect its common values.
Please find information on the common values of Québec society at this website:


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